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The re-design of our blog is almost complete, certainly complete enough to unveil for christmas. In the end, I used the excellent wordpress design template known as Sandbox, which forms a basic template around which I could redesign the page layout without having to worry about it looking correct across different browsers.

All in all, an excellent result, and the site now contains support for geeky stuff like microformats, which probably only myself and two other people on the planet use. People will also notice the new Lifestream on the right hand side of our site, which keeps you updated on all of our online activities.

My next project is to overhaul the gallery, and once that is done I hope to be using it a lot more to keep our various friends and family updated on our growing family.


  1. Posted January 28, 2009 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    Hi Michael, Roryrory from BellyBelly here – I like the new design. I use wordpress too – I thought cool here is a format I like. Prob is I am clueless with webdesign and only learning – now I think I gotta learn code LOL!

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